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Cyclones Baseball Club Annual Scholarship

Each year at its annual Cyclones banquet, the Lincoln Cyclones Baseball Club awards scholarships to baseball players who have spent their youth baseball careers as Lincoln Cyclones.

It’s our way of honoring and saying “thank you” to the families who began—and have remained—with the Cyclones.


Past winners:

2022 Kaiden Bradley

2021 Dominic Lesiak

2019 Collin Vrba , AJ Punteney

2018 Brock Johnson , Collin Vrba

2017-Braden Dey

2016-Joel Matzen

2013-Baylor Bonds,Cory Hintz,Matt Robertson

2012-Ryan Duren,Brendon Henning,Matt Robertson,Joel Spiehs

2011- Ty Kuper, Jake Marvin, Chase White, Matt Robertson
2010- Ty Kuper , Matt Robertson
2009- Ty Kuper, Pat Hayes, Alex Heideman, Ben Wikoff, Jake Marvin
2008- Ben Wikoff, Rudy Martinez
2007- Ben Wikoff, Rudy Martinez
2006- Ben Wikoff, Rudy Martinez, Ryan Luft